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There are several folk etymologies that purport to derive the origin of gringo from word coincidences. Many theories date the word to the Mexican—American War — , as a result of American troops singing a song which began with "Green grows In modern Spain , the word gringo is understood but rarely used. Nowadays, the closest equivalent vernacular is guiri , or yanqui yankee for U.

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Americans of any regional origin, including Southerners. Gringo is only heard among Latin American immigrants or native Spaniards imitating their speech for fun or solidarity. These terms can be merely descriptive, derogatory or friendly depending on the context and situation. The word gringo is mostly used in rural areas following the original Spanish meaning.

Gringo in Argentina was used to refer to non-Spanish European immigrants who first established agricultural colonies in the country. The word was used for Swiss, German, Polish, Italian and other immigrants, but since the Italian immigrants were the larger group, the word used to be mostly linked to Italians in the lunfardo argot. In Brazil , the word gringo means simply foreigner, and has no connection to any physical characteristics or specific countries. Unlike most Hispanic American countries, in which gringo is never used to refer to other Latin Americans, in Brazil there is no such distinction in the use of the term.

Most foreign footballers in the Brazilian Championship that came from other Latin American countries are nevertheless referred as "gringos" by the sport media [20] [21] and by sport fans. As the word has no connection to physical appearance in Brazil, black African or African American foreigners are also called gringos, [24] unlike some other countries in which the term implies fair skin. In Mexican cuisine , a gringa is a flour tortilla with al pastor pork meat with cheese, heated on a comal and optionally served with a salsa de chile chilli sauce.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Gringo disambiguation. Retrieved 27 January Cambridge Dictionaries Online. Cambridge University.

Gringos, Gabachos, and Güeros

Retrieved 20 February The Free Dictionary. Used as a sometimes disparaging term for a foreigner in Latin America, especially an American or English person.

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La Barcelona Argentina: migrantes, obreros y militantes en Rosario, in Spanish. Laborde Editor. Lance Net. Archived from the original on 11 February We are talking about bringing a massive black market into the light so we can see what is going on. Drug prohibition is a de facto subsidy to organized crime.

It was the same with alcohol prohibition. The mafia became so powerful because they were making all the money so there was no alternative but legalizing consumption. Unfortunately with a wealthy market that is a big supplier of assault type guns on its doorstep Mexico has a huge problem, the cost in cash and personal terms will be huge I personally believe that legalising the drug trade will take the profit motive out of the equation, and make keeping an eye on the addicts easier and by making drugs available on prescription mean that illness from badly cut drugs will be cut to almost nil.

Also drug induced crime will be vastly reduced, and probable money savings be huge. On the brigher side, CA may legalize marijuana in Nov. Extranjero: "We invaded their country and conquered most of it"--it was mostly howling wilderness, and Mexico was just as aggressive as ever President Polk was. The US has done wrong in the world and no, I'm not apologizing for our entire history , but condemning so many nations to fire and sword by way of the utterly futile "War on Drugs" is among the worst.

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  4. Kyle speaks for this American as well. It's not meant to demean the rest of the hemisphere the Canadians call us America as well, I believe. In Spanish, you can call us what you want. In English, it's often "America". Get over it. The gangs obviously don't want this stuff legalized. Neither do the conservatives.

    It's funny that they share this in common.

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    One more thing, you are correct that drug gangs won't just "lay down and die". But we aren't talking about a static population here. People aren't born drug dealers, they become drug dealers. Everyday that marijuana stays illegal is another day that a 12 year old kid can sell it on the streets for a marked up price. Extranjero: we still believe they all wear sombrero's, and we always talk about how their migration into our country is bad.

    Barry"We always talk about how their migration into our country is bad"--millions of uncontrolled immigrants is a bad thing, no matter where they come from. One very important to remark is what, in a certain way, comments from users like Extranjero or, in lesser extent, Barry remark, ignorance. I would like to address these comments in a two way approach, one being macroeconomic and the other being my personal and current experience from higher education in the US.

    The remaining vacuum here is also filled by foreign workers, being these ones legal and, thus, successfully taxed. Mainly found on academic and high-tech jobs. Again, these pattern is based on what offers a platform principle for trade, comparative advantage.


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    We, foreigners in the USA, perform these jobs at a lower opportunity cost and, most of the times, with a better quality than our US equivalents. The immigration issue is also good for the US market, since the additional workforce presented by immigration brings a lowering on prices to the consumer increasing output and lowering costs, due to the principle of higher returns to scale, and the easiness of the US market to be influenced towards an uniform preference by media and marketing.

    By consequence, real wages and consume is improved, improving, also, welfare in the country. We are talking of people that are about to graduate on May, and that will be introduced to the labor market, my point here, is that again, we Foreigners are likely to take their jobs because we present comparative advantage when working, due to our better education and grades. That is why now even white collar jobs are being outsourced to India and other countries.

    Maybe the effect of these factors is bad for US citizens, but please, do not blame us, blame yourselves for posing this inefficiency into the scenario. We have done a lot more than you have in the last four years. You never thought a Mexican president would take the matter seriously. You won't do the same thing because your hypocritical position of drug prohibition is what makes drugs a great source of revenue for your political class, which by the way is up to the ears in partnership with the narcos.

    So please take my sombrero and do whatever you find fit with it.

    Calderon should stand in front of his parliament and in a historic speech declare the war against drugs lost and that the only viable solution is to make the possession, consumption and sale of hard drugs legal. And even the ones benefitting from it only do so until they get shot. Also the big ones get shot once in a while. When do politicians finally show the guts to stop this insanity?

    How many more poor and innocent people have to die or go to prison until a simple change of law is implemented south and north of the border and cocaine gets dispensed through designated pharmacies? I think the consensus among rational folk is that prohibition is the ailment, the war on drugs is the pill that treats the symptoms instead of the causes, and drug related violence is the side effect. I think that we can also agree that tackling the problem at its root by repealing prohibition and ending this massively wasteful war of drugs will make both Mexico and the US far more pleasant and prosperous places to live.

    Can't you have Coca plantations in troubled Islamic countries? What about Malaysia, or dangerous buddhist regimes, as in the Union of Myanmar?

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