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If you have a range of products, it is vital to keep this branding consistent throughout.

An example of a company that does this really well is The Yorkshire Soap Company. If you are new to selling your soaps, a craft fair could be a really good way of raising awareness within your local community as well as receiving invaluable face to face feedback on your new products. It is also a very cost-effective way of reaching an appropriate audience for your product. The major thing to consider is running a promotion or offer on your products. Nowadays everyone is online, and you need to embrace this to reach your market. Start of small by selling your items on Etsy.

Etsy has loads of free information and advice on their site that you can find here.

8 things they DON’T tell you when starting a Soap Business - Advice with the Chief

At some point in the near future it is more than likely that you will need your own website. Split it into stages, and work towards this type of website as your business expands. A great first step is to use PayPal as your payment platform.

Making Money Selling Homemade Soap

You may shy away from the idea of wholesaling your products, as you give away a huge portion of your margin selling this way than when compared to retailing yourself. However, it is definitely something to consider. Not only do you save time packing and sending hundreds of individual orders, you suddenly have access to their customer base and marketing resources. It could be a fast way to gain mass brand exposure and could really benefit your business in the long run.

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Although you may not see sales come directly as a result of keeping your blog and social media updated, the value in doing so cannot be ignored. You are creating a following and fan base of people who are genuinely interested in your product — for free! If you target the right people with the right content then you should start seeing a rise in traffic to your website and online stores, a higher volume of sales and increased brand awareness. Sign up to our newsletter for monthly trends, product launches and creative recipes to help you with your product range.

If you need help with your products or information on ordering from Stephenson Personal Care, please contact us here. Want to stay up to date with all the latest news, recipes and launches straight from the Stephenson Lab? Then simply follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Get tips, tricks, and product news straight to your inbox. Blog articles. Free samples are a great way for you make the desired impact. You need to package little free samples of your products and offer it to the hotel manager, or any other person who is in charge of decision making in the hotel.

If you want to expand your marketing gig, you can equally give them away to local businesses, along with a basket or tray that includes your business card or brochure. Put up a website, this is a must.

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These days, no business would take you serious if you are not online. Write about your products in blogs and articles.

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  5. Learn online marketing techniques to incorporate keywords so that searchers can find you. Advertise on sites that your prospective customers visit. By making your website rich with information, you can gain a lot of credibility. It can be daunting when you try to talk hotel managers into buying your soap. For this reason, you need to practice your sales skills. Remember that these people deal with professionals all day, and you may not stand a chance if your sales pitch is not up to par.

    Remember to be confident in your product, be friendly and pleasant. If you are not too good with this, you may have to think about hiring someone with proven sales skills and experience to help you out. These businesses are easily more approachable than big hotels, and they can easily take up your products, if it is worth their while. You may also start trying out your sales pitch with these establishments. One way to get into the hearts of hotel managers is to come bearing gifts, and a gift basket filled with your fragrant soaps and spa products is an ideal gift.

    This would give them an opportunity to actually use the soaps as against making assumptions on the basis of look and smell alone. Hotels, even the small, boutique ones, buy their amenities in bulk.


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    This is to reduce the unit cost of each item to the smallest amount possible. Even an item that costs as little as say, 20 cents per piece, for example, can end up costing thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per year when multiplied out by the number of room changes, depending on the size of the hotel and its occupancy rate. You would need to produce a quality product that is priced competitively compared with alternative bulk amenities. That would be difficult if you are a small producer, but anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

    Hotels tend to source all bathroom amenities from one supplier with consistent packaging, as it looks more professional than having a random mix of products. That makes it difficult to sell your soap as a bespoke product. To be able to beat this hurdle, you may have to offer other related products as well, like luxury bath bombs, for their special clients. Perhaps your best chance to supply your soaps to hotels would be to tie in with a supplier who already manufactures products for hotels. Your soap could be packaged with their existing products to give the range a consistent look.

    They will also need a supplier who can can produce products reliably in sufficient quantities to meet demand. But this is a great idea that is worth a try. People love products made with ingredients that are plentiful in their area, so when you target certain regions with your soaps, try to use local ingredients — is the area famous for their honey? Incorporate those ingredients into your product line. Your product could be one that is both used as an amenity in the rooms and also sold in their retails space.

    Therefore, your packaging and sizing should accommodate this strategy. You should talk to operators and learn about their brand and goals. Align your products with these goals, or offer a solution to a problem they have. Your pitch should then address their objectives and demonstrate a solution.

    Some independent hotel operators may be specifically interested in organic, local ingredients. You have to find it out, then tailor your product to the needs of this hotel. If you have already crafted your soap in a way you like, then look out for hotels that love what you have and stay away from the others.

    How to Start a Soap Making Business

    Most, If not all hotels have their own branded toiletries. They will purchase all their soap, shampoo, toothbrush boxes, razor boxes, shower cap boxes, skin lotion boxes etc. To win a contract, it would be down to you to design and produce their packaging according to their branding guidelines.

    Make Up A Batch of Soap

    Many high end hotels — especially resorts — have a gift shop within the property, and the above may not apply were you to sell your products in those. You need to be able to bend to the needs of the hotels if you truly want to work with them.