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Political Rights of Women as Per Islam 'A Study of Its Concept'

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Her role was instrumental and monumental not just a supportive one. Certainly, as a wife, she did cover her worried and shivering husband and took care of him very well.

But as a proactive woman, and the first convert to Islam, she had to go even further. She then gave him many reasons why related to his exemplar character and good deeds.

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However, she did not stop there either: Characteristically, she went out and sought confirmation of her position with her cousin, Waraka ibn Nawfal ra , who was a scholar of religion. He told her that she was right and that the angel who came to her husband was the angel Jibril, the same angel of revelation who came to Prophet Moses saws. From there on, she became the pillar of her husband and of our Deen psychologically, morally, and materially economically.

Today, we have many Khadijahs walking around us and playing the same functions.

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Unfortunately, their efforts in terms of education, time, work, and economy is not entirely recognized to their fullest extent. However, it clear to many of us that we would NEVER become Victorious unless we go to war with our global capabilities, which necessarily include our women battalions.

They are stationed and ready at all the key centers of our Ummah, namely, family, masajid, schools, and Islamic business and social organizations. Order articles. Fetching bibliography My Bibliography Add to Bibliography.

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  • Plan Parent Chall. Hassan R. Abstract PIP: The tragic irony of Islam is that its sacred text, the Qur'an, is particularly solicitous of women's well-being and development, yet Islamic traditions discriminate against girls from the moment of their lamented births.

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