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There are many schools of thought on what is good and what is bad. Researching anything and following only the one you want to follow is your choice. Arrogance and an insistence everyone believe and adopt your way is why we have wars. Opinions are just like assholes; everybody has one. Thank you for the adaptable recipe. I think you and your recipes rock!

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I had turmeric nog at a place I eat and am trying to remake it. I love the coconut milk so glad it had that in recipe. That is how I fmdrink the one at restaurant. Again thank you!!! Thanks Brenda XO. However, I was looking for a dairy free option and wondered if almond or coconut milk would work. Thank you for this information. I am assuming there is need for the oil bc of the lack of sufficient fats in either almond or coconut milk for the turmeric to be absorbed. I also appreciate the tip on black pepper.

Thanks again! I saw this a while back and finally was able to try it out. This was so good. Will definitely make it again. My husband and I just made this tonight and it was absolutely delicious!! I was so amazed at how the flavors all complimented one another! This will definitely be a staple in our house!

Thank you so much for this scrumptious recipe! I made this tonight and it was good, but I needed to adjust add a lot more of the turmeric and ginger.

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I also added paprika. I also omitted the coconut oil and used a coconut almond milk blend to reduce the saturated fat. Hi…I have tried several golden milk recipes and I like yours the best! Tomorrow morning I am trying one of your Quinoa Breakfast Recipes…looking forward to it! Regarding absorption of the turmeric, I did some research and studies have shown black pepper to be best in aiding absorption. Also, I use turmeric root and ginger root, both super inexpensive at the grocery store and keep a long time in the fridge when stored properly.

You must slice them super thin to get as much flavor and nutrients as possible out of them. Just adding this in there as some find the ground powders often sink to the bottom of the drink quickly. I made this as written except left out the coconut oil. Very tasty and comforting, a new winter obsession.

This morning I made a latte with 10 oz golden milk, 6 oz espresso, and a touch more sweetener. There was a nice layer of separated coconut oil on the milk that has kept me full for hours, too. So delicious — I made this recipe this morning, but I had no coconut milk.

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I used 1. The chia seeds are a great placeholder for the creaminess you would get from the coconut milk! I used 1 tablespoon of MCT oil coconut derived , and also added 1 tablespoon of maca powder for some pep : Amazing! Looking forward to making this! I have chronic hep B that has been under control by suppressant medication for few years. Recently, ultra sound discovered that I have mild to moderate fatty liver due to my weight gain.

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So instantly I jumped in panic mode. My wife suggested to try Golden Milk. However she has warned me endlessly….. I spent some time trying to find the most pleasing recipe.

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I am currently drinking my first cup……and my wife is NUTS! I think coconut oil is the key here. BTW, I decided your ingredients in half and it was perfect for one nice size mug. Thank you so much for sharing! This is amazing!! It tastes and feels good. Thanks for the delicious recipe :. I have been wanting to try golden milk for some time now and came across this recipe, I decided tonight was the night and it was not a let down, wow! So creamy and delicious and perfectly sweet, I put about a tsp of agave. Thanks for all of your amazing recipes!

Thank you for the recipe..

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SO good. The mix of cinnamon, ginger and turmeric along with the creamy coconut milk makes for a surprisingly decadent drink to sip! Definitely worth trying :.

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This sounds great. Turmeric is an important anti-inflammatory. The only thing I would like to add is that ingesting a lot of Turmeric can increase your Bilirubin levels. So if your levels go up while you are taking this simply discontinue it for a while and your levels go right back down. Otherwise I have seen Turmeric work wonders so just be aware and enjoy. Consuming coconuts is much, much different than consuming coconut oil.

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Their traditional diet, for example, is very high in dietary fiber and heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids from fish, and very low in sodium. Historically, native Polynesians also tended to be nonsmokers, and were physically very active. All these factors would certainly promote heart health. Recently came down with a cold, so I decided to try out some golden milk given the turmeric and ginger component. This was really nice. I only had soy milk on me, so I used that; however, the coconut oil and the milk made this super creamy nonetheless. I added in only about half a teaspoon of honey as I normally drink my teas without any sugar, and it was still awesome.

I also put in some extra ginger, and it still was not overly intense. This is definitely going down as one of my favourite drinks ever. I would maybe try using pure olive oil as I would imagine using extra virgin olive oil would give it an overwhelming olive oil flavour, which, personally, I would not be a big fan of in my tea. Maybe also try reducing it as I found the coconut oil did give it a flavour in the quantity given in the recipe. You just gotta try and find out I suppose. Great recipe… I use raw honey to sweeten and Vitamin World has a product called Daily Tumeric that already has black pepper in it and also tart cherry!

Just wanted to mention that adding a small pinch of black pepper will help activate the turmeric for this drink :. You are an inspiration for me and i love all your recipes! I got rid of heartburn with coconut oil — is the only oil i cook with! Using it as my homework pick me up! However, this turned out to be very bitter and I cannot drink it. Could it be the tumeric? I have made turmeric tea where I put so much turmeric that it made drinking the tea a highly unpleasant experience.

Just made this for the first time today! This is super yummy! I added more of all the spices, a touch of salt, and maple flavoring in addition to some stevia. Not as a point of criticism but just out of curiosity: what does the oil do to the latte? Does it make it more smooth or?

I made this last night. The drink is really good! I would love to see a matcha drink next!