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Allison P. Coudert and Taylor Corse.

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Margaret Lucas Cavendish, the Duchess of Newcastle was a philosopher, poet, playwright, and essayist. The largest part of her work is occupied by natural philosophy. Her views can be broadly described at materialist i. Today, Cavendish is rapidly being rediscovered and the literature on her philosophy and other writings is growing. Brandie Sigfried. Princess Elisabeth of the Palatinate, also known as Elisabeth of Bohemia, is likely one of the best-known women on this list because of her long-term correspondence with Descartes which lasted from to Lisa Shapiro.

Hildegard von Bingen was a Benedictine nun, writer, composer, philosopher, mystic, and founder of scientific natural history in Germany.


Further reading: Selected Writings ed. Mark Atherton.

Saint Teresa of Avila is another nun whose life challenges our assumption about a lack of great women in the history of philosophy. Further reading: The Interior Castle ed. Mirabai Starr. Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz is a thinker characterised by her unwavering desire to understand everything.

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She argued that women, as well as the native people of the new world have a right to education. Her philosophy is written in poems and essays. The second is an argument for the intellectual freedom and rights of women. Julia Alvarez; trans. Edith Grossman. She argued, among other things, for the establishment of an all-female college in England.

She sought to challenge the idea that women were mentally inferior by arguing that women need to turn inward to see that they are capable of exercising their mental faculties. Further reading: A Serious Proposal to the Ladies ed. Patricia Springborg Political Writings ed. Jacqueline Broad.

She wrote in many genres. She was an essayist, with her ideas focusing on education, the nature of virtue and vice, the moral defects of society, and the equality between the sexes. She had published her works in a collection titled The Shadow of the Damoiselle de Gournay. Robyn Williams. Reclaiming the L-Word. Alleyn Diesel. Virginia Woolf.


The Power. Naomi Alderman. Equality of Educational Opportunity in Japan. Martin Rait. Big Babies. Michael Bywater. The Alphabet Versus the Goddess. Leonard Shlain. What Diantha Did. Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Portraits of Violence. Brad Evans.

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A Strange Stirring. Stephanie Coontz. Nathan Connolly.

watch Zelda D'Aprano. To My Trans Sisters. Charlie Craggs. Basic Witches. Jaya Saxena. Moments Of Excess. Pm Press E Books. David Ehrenfeld. Sexual Politics. Kate Millett. The Industrial Revolution. Writing What We Like. Yolisa Qunta. Anthony Seldon. Diversify: An award-winning guide to why inclusion is better for everyone. June Sarpong. Anthony Anamgba. Songs of Innocence. Fran Abrams. Nikki Erin. Anna G. Quentin Bryce. Seven Lives from Mass Observation. James Hinton. The Twitmarsh Files. R T Fishall. Personal Politics. Sara Evans. Wasting Away.

I hope there are at least 1 of those in your book? I love to see and read about your trips, thank you! Such a cool post. Do you get a lot of ideas for your own patterns during your trips to different archives? Reading this post is inspiring me :. What a wonderful experience. I love to travel with purpose. Wow, your trip sounds amazingly inspirational. Have to say that my initial reaction to crofthoose was that space invaders seems like a bit of a departure for the shetlanders.

Truly inspiring and eagerly await your book Kate. The journey of your research is worthy of a book in itself! Thank you for the tour report! I will have to go back to Sweden to visit those areas. I loved Shetland and I agree…the museum shop and yarn shop are the best! Looking forward to learning more with your new book. Ella Gordon has a lovely blog — stunning photos. What is that sweater that she is wearing in your photograph? It is beautiful! Wow, it looks like you had a really amazing time, and those knitted swatches and yokes look stunning.